How do I ensure my plants arrived in the same condition they were shipped?

Shipping Clones Securely

These are a great way to provide security and to ‘lock’ the shipper. They keep the unit locked in place and also help to indicate whether or not the packaging has been tampered with en route. Each order includes 1 bag of 100.

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LED Lighting to Ship Your Clones

New Well Lit Stealth LED

The patented design allows for an LED light to keep the clone in the growing vegetative stage while being shipped. Life span is 100+ hours on our new stealth lights.

Secure Plant Shipping


The design holds the clone in a secure and strong position, protecting the roots and stem system, so that the plant can continue to flourish. The Clone Shipper is built to last for multiple shipments!

Durable Clone Ship Packaging

No Mess

The Clone Shipper ensures that there is no leakage, soil displacement, or issues. Upon receiving the clone, it is easily replanted for continuing the healthy growing process.