• Cloneshipper.com for me is the easiest and fastest way I can get my clones to my family and friends without concern about my packages being "damaged"... I always hate when my packages are dented on the sides when I get mail. It makes me stressed, with Clone Shipper, that's never my worry.
    - James
  • Best product on the market! I trust my plants going through the mail with Clone Shipper.
    - Michael Dyrland
  • Awesome company and product. Can't say enough good things
    - Jon D.
  • Hello my name is Shaquille Taylor. I have used my cloneShipper for 9 months now and, I have to say It is truely and amazing product. It is well made. It has made it very easy and simple to transport my vegetables clones to my friends that have started thier own gardens. I have tested and it is 100% waterproof. I wouldn't use any other clone shipping product besides the CloneShipper. I recommend this to anyone looking for a Safe and Reliable way to transport all your clones.
    - Shaquille T.

Ever wonder how to ship live plants safely and quickly? Clone Shipper is here to help.

Check out the New Clone Shipper 3.0 New LED Light last 3.0 Also New Opaque top for discreet transport.

The patent pending design of the Clone Shipper enables plants, specifically clones or young plants, to be shipped safely with our one-of-a-kind packaging. The Clone Shipper was designed to ensure that your growing plants are nurtured during the entirety of your shipment.

The Clone Shipper was born out of the desire to share plants with consumers and patients who may not have access to purchase from a cultivator. The Clone Shipper allows consumers the ability to ship live plants or clones  safely and quickly without worry.

When using Clone Shipper as your plant shipping packaging, you are able to ship a plant while growing process has already started. Sick of your plants struggling to survive during shipment or falling a part along the way? We are your solution. Passionate botanists, amateur gardeners, or those with a green thumb would strongly benefit using the Clone Shipper to ensure the plants are being delivered intact, healthy, and well-lit.

Clone Shipper - the safest way to ship live plants!

See the Clone Shipper and how it ships plants safely to your door
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